Frequently Asked Questions

Q: My property taxes are soaring. How can I appeal?

A: Property taxes are determined yearly by the township assessor's office and based upon the current value of your house and property. Each fall your township assessor will forward to you an assessment notification that outlines your current assessed value. The assessed value may be appealed, but only within 30 days of the date the assessments are published.

If you are within the appeal filing deadline, it is recommended that you have some form of proof that your property values have been over assessed. The best forms of proof include one or more of the following: a current appraisal; the settlement statement if you've recently purchased the home at a lesser value than assessed; and sales comparisons from properties sold within your township making sure the properties are like the property being appealed. It can be a cumbersome process and consulting a real estate professional is recommended.

Q: Why would I use someone to prepare my appeal?

A: Someone who is familiar with the process and has access to multiple listing information can do it quickly and with accuracy. They also have the expertise needed to be sure your paperwork is filled out correctly.

Q: How does the process work?

A: After getting McHenry County Appeal, the necessary information, we will email you the free evaluation information. You will then decide if you wish to move forward. At that time, a deposit is required to assure your place in the schedule. Once you receive your notification letter (which is a few days after the newspaper posting) there are 30 days to complete and mail in your appeal. You must get us that information as soon as you receive it. We will contact you when your paperwork is completed, meet with your briefly to explain the form. You will mail the form in and wait to hear back from either your local assessor or the Board of Review.

Q: What do you advise people who want to appeal on their own?

A: Look up the details of your assessment. You may be able to do that online. Is it accurate? Then get the rules of the appeals process. Learn your deadlines. When you get to the hearing, talk "assessments," not "taxes." Stick to the facts and don't get mad.

Q: Where do I find comparables?

A: You may be able to find them online using your local assessor's website.

Q: What about the hearing?

A: If you wish to have a representative, you must indicate it on the original filing.

Q:What are some questions to ask the person I choose to help with my appeal.

A: This is an unlicensed profession, so beware. Ask for referrals. Make sure it has a real office, not a post office box.

But I compare us to using an accountant to do your taxes. Yes, you can do this yourself. But you save money by hiring a professional.

Q: What information do I need to start the process with McHenry County Appeal?

A: Fill out your contact information and we will reply with all of the information needed to get started.